About Us

Vision: Well managed forest, Prosperous life: Clean environment, Empowered ACOFUN.


Scientific forest management, Biodiversity conservation

Livelihood and Collaborative forest for enterprise development. 

ACOFUN has set the following goals.

  1. To become institutionally capable, efficient and economically sustainable for securing users’ rights and for supporting to fulfill their forest based basic needs.
  2. To inculcate the spirit of participatory democracy within the CFMs to become a role model.
  3. To improve the condition of CFM and to operate different projects, community cooperatives and companies based on NTFP and forest products in order to contribute in poverty reduction.
  4. To have interaction and cooperation among stakeholders at national and international levels for the cause of benefiting users.
  5. To play a role in maintaining a good relation with the federation of local bodies,  I/NGOs, donors, and media  for gaining their moral support to create a conducive environment for full fledged implementation of Collaborative forestry program.
  6. To lobby policy makers in formulation of user-friendly forestry policy and its implementation.
  7. To promote the concept of Collaborative Forestry in different countries across the World through networking at international level.
  8. To play a role in creating favorable environment at international level to gain and retain the rights of users over natural resources.
  9. To work towards absolute democracy, decentralization, good governance in its own and also through alliances.

Key personnel proposal (qualifications, experience and subject expertise, organization of team, workforce diversity)