Summary of Program-Activities

  1. ACOFUN Expansion programs
  2. To increase the number of CFM’s ACOFUN memberships.
  3. Publication and extension of ACOFUN’seffectiveness and successful case studies.
  4. Maximum utilization of public media
  1. Capacity building program
  2. Human Resource Development in social and technical fields.
  3. Economic growth of ACOFUN
    • Mobilization of internal resources.
    • Project proposal preparation to mobilize donors’ resources.
  1. c) Infrastructure development.
  • Office building and training hall construction at the center.
  • Emphasize to manage computer, telephone and office buildings for ACOFUN.
  1. d) Orientation program on legal awareness.
  • Rights, duties and responsibilities of CFMs.
  • Act and by-laws and government circulars.